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F7LTHY Beginnings

F7LTHY Beginnings

By April 14, 2016 Uncategorized No Comments

DocZilla_CrooksLife (11)

I don’t even really know where to start when trying to describe F7LTHY. It has made a bit of a mark in the automotive scene since last Summer. Many friends and fans may not even know that I created it. After all, I’m not a designer, I’m a doctor; I shouldn’t really have a place in this creative automotive modding scene right?

Before my LibertyWalkGTR build went viral in 2014, I was very active in the local R35 GTR community in Vancouver. We were into modifications of all sorts, mostly building our cars to have full bolt-on mods and some of us doing Flex-Fuel ethanol conversions. We would go on cruises to Washington state (before BC started selling E85) and visit ethanol stations and load our tanks and trunks with jerry cans full of it.

On one of these trips, this time to Arlington WA, a group of R35 and exotic car owners were filling up at an E85 station and as we were walking out to our cars we were met by a group of guys. One of them said, “ Man, your cars are straight FILTHY!” We all had a big laugh and chatted for a while. I told those guys that I was going to steal that saying.

So F7LTHY definitely represents the cars, but in a greater sense it represents an attitude I have about life in general. Most of my life I was raised and trained in environments that necessitated a clean, sterile approach. In the scientific and medical world that comprises my background, following rules and algorithms were important goals. Perfection was sought constantly.

To me, F7LTHY represents the artisitic, creative side of life. It celebrates the imperfect, thinking well beyond the rules and constraints often placed upon us. For example, a stock Ferrari 458 may be a very identifiable symbol of perfection. It is clean and perfect. Many owners would not modify it one bit. They would wash it, wax it, and admire it just as it was intended from the factory. There’s nothing wrong with that. Now, try to wander into our scene… we want to personalize our rides, modify it, stance it, widebody it, customize it, make it F7LTHY.

The people who get up close and appreciate the overall quality and design of my projects will tend to understand the meaning behind F7LTHY. It is such an extreme term, and in our case there is an inherent duality to it. Yes our cars are clean in terms of build quality and precision, but they are also F7LTHY in terms of design and breaking purist rules. As a result, I feel as though the projects I do tend to echo that feeling of balance which I think is important in most everything we do. Work and Play. Learn and Teach. Dream and Build. Clean and F7LTHY.

People began taking notice of F7LTHY on my instagram and FB accounts as my friends and I made some decals and began slapping them on our windshields and bumpers. Then things just took off. I had a lot of requests for decals and shirts with the F7LTHY logo. I learned some tough lessons along the way as well. I began trusting outsiders who wanted to create a brand and move it into different directions. I almost gave up on F7LTHY at that time and had to clean house and let some deep wounds heal. Thankfully the love and support continued and now I have moved decal operations back to my garage to have great quality control and customizability for my friends and clubs/fans. Next up will likely be taking shirts and hats out of mass production and keep things in-house and customizable. Look for that in future months.

Regarding members, the F7LTHY crew continues to grow locally and around the world. We regularly have cruises and meet ups around Vancouver and Seattle. New rides always joining up and rocking the F7LTHY banner. USA and Canada are my most frequent requests but I’ve shipped out banners to all sorts of places like Australia, many countries in Europe and Asia, India, South Africa, Caribbean, PuertoRico, the list goes on.

The build projects keep coming as well. I started helping with a LibertyWalk Maserati GT MC Stradale build in the beginning of 2016. However due to some regrettably difficult issues with those involved in that build, I am no longer involved in helping with that project. I’ll be focusing instead on my 2017 NSX I’ve got on order and we are awaiting that car for measurements and finalization of design for that undoubtedly outrageous kit. It’s been a bit of a waiting game with Acura so far, but as a Doc I can assure you life’s too short and I’m not going to be standing around waiting for anything! I’m also super excited to announce my plans for an RWB 993 Porsche build with Akira Nakai. Look for that in 2017!!!

Photograph credits: My awesome homie CrooksLife in the heart of The City of Sin